Arrow Launched

An arrow launched by strong, stern hands
That aim a wooden bow.
It flies for weeks to distant lands
Can you please tell me how?
Its path is true, its course is set
It could travel by a row.
This arrow flies beneath the skies
With land down far below.

-- Steve Martin, Riddle of the Unicorn (p. 11)

Note that it "flies beneath the skies." "Bow" and "how" rhyme. Ship No explanation is necessary


Only One Colour

Only one colour, but not one size,
Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies,
Present in sun, but not in rain,
Doing no harm, and feeling no pain.

-- Templar Co., Chapter IV, Riddles & Puzzles, page 2.

It could be darker or lighter, but still only "one colour." The phrase "stuck at the bottom" might not apply in all cases--such as where this relates to clouds. A shadowNo explanation is necessary


White Flesh

White flesh, drinks dew,
Gives milk, won't moo,
Hairy head, over sand,
Has a palm, but no hand.

-- Lair of The Sphynx (p. 78)

What different sources of milk are there? It's not milk from an animal. Coconut No explanation is necessary


This is not exactly an "object riddle" (which I still believe to be the best riddles), nor is it a "word riddle" (which I tend to like much less). It is somewhat inbetween and still an entertaining and well-written riddle (see Hint #2 for a further explanation).

The Beginning of Eternity

The beginning of eternity,
The end of time and space,
The beginning of every end
And the end of every place.

-- English (Cousineau, p. 129)

See introduction above. This riddle refers to a letter. The letter "e" No explanation is necessary



I'm drunk at a party.
I'm thrown in a fight.
Do me in, in the morning.
Do me out again at night.

-- Gilbert Andrada, Quest For The Riddle Stone (p. 21)

What doe people drink at a party? For line 2, think "boxing." Punch Lines 3 & 4 refer to clocking in and out for work.


Though Not A Kite

Though not a kite, it needs a wind.
Pull on its arm, it does not mind.
Upon large rocks it likes to sup,
But every time it throws them up.

-- Lair of The Sphynx (p. 69)

The first 2 lines DO rhyme. The 3rd line is figurative; the 4th line is not. Catapult No explanation is necessary


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