This next one is very similar to another riddle included earlier in this collection. In truth, it is a classic recurring theme in riddles, but I liked it enough to include another variation.

A Box Without Hinges

A box without hinges, key, or lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid?

-- From The Hobbit (Tolkien, p. 75)

The "box" is not even square. The only way to open it is to break it. An egg No explanation is necessary


This one is very short and simple, but still a satisfying riddle.

Name Me

Name me and you destroy me.

-- American (Cousineau, p. 76)

What is it you destroy simply by saying its name? None available Silence No explanation is necessary


This is another "word riddle." As I have said before, I do not think they usually make for the BEST riddles. Of Cloud Kingdom's first four riddle books, the first one had the fewest word riddles, while the books that came later had increasingly more. I still enjoyed all of the books, though, and have even included several of these types of "word riddles" in this riddle collection.

I'm Found

I'm found in the ballet.
I'm a dance or a room.
I'm also hidden in
A helium balloon.
If you're having fun,
You might have one of me.
Hard and soft and basket,
Foot and base and tee.

-- Steve Martin, Tower Of The Riddle Master (p. 33)

There is much word play in this riddle. Think compound words. "Ball" No explanation is necessary


You Face South, It Faces North

You face south, it faces north.
You appear sad, it is also sad.
You appear glad, it is also glad.

-- Chinese, from Bao-yu's 18th-century book: The Dream of the Red Chamber (Cousineau, p. 84)

Lines 2 and 3 tell us it does what you do. Line 1 describes a "carbon copy." A reflection (or mirror) No explanation is necessary



A bar you get no drink from
On a dish you cannot eat.
You put it on to take things off
From hair down to your feet.

-- Matt Mayfield, Tower Of The Riddle Master (p. 11)

Think of things that go with the word "bar." What item can help take "things" off your body? Soap No explanation is necessary


Shoes Without Leather

A shoemaker makes shoes without leather,
With all the four elements together,
Fire, Water, Earth, Air,
And every customer takes two pair.

-- English (Cousineau, p. 120)

Refers to types of shoes that use "fire, water, earth, and air" to make. These shoes are not for humans. Horse shoes (or a blacksmith) No explanation is necessary


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