Cage Unclosed

A cage unclosed,
A beast within,
Who jumps and bites without remorse.

A cage of stone
With tower built,
To tame the elemental force.

-- Lair of The Sphynx (p. 11)

What are the elemental forces? What "cages" can hold the elemental forces? Fireplace No explanation is necessary


Thirty White Horses

Thirty white horses on a red hill,
First they champ,
Then they stamp,
Then they stand still.

-- From The Hobbit (Tolkien, p. 74)

"Horses" is figurative. Some people would say the number should be 32. Teeth No explanation is necessary


Touch Me

Touch me and cry.
Arrest me and die.
Break me and pine.
Heal me with time.

-- Gilbert Andrada, Tower Of The Riddle Master (p. 76)

This "touch" is not physical. This arrest has nothing to do with breaking a law. Heart In order, refers to: sentimental "touch," cardiac arrest, a broken heart, and "time heals all wounds."


I Have Two

I have two mouths, just one can talk.
I have four legs, just two can walk.
I have two lives, one barely new.
At first I'm one and then we're two.

-- Lair of The Sphynx (p. 31)

Think very carefully about what is one then becomes two. This riddle is not metaphorical. A pregnant woman No explanation is necessary


This is one of the few riddles that has more than one answer that fits that I still liked enough to include in this collection. Even though I did not come up with the "right" answer, it had such a strong classic "AHA!" moment (that point where you suddenly realize the ONE answer that fits everything) for me that I kept it. I have included both my answer and the "right" answer below..

What A Young Man Can Give

What is it that a young man can give a maiden
That he does not have,
That he cannot have, that he has never had,
That he will never have,
And that he cannot give to a young man?

-- Breton (Cousineau, p. 45)

This is not something he can hold in his hands. None available The name of a wife; OR a baby (that is, a pregnancy) No explanation is necessary


Always Smiles

Always smiles or maybe frowns
Sinks in water, never drowns.
Catches prey on its barbed teeth
Hunts all day, but never eats.

-- Lair of The Sphynx (p. 7)

The first line refers to the shape. What could be said to hunt with the water yet never eats? Fish Hook No explanation is necessary


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