Blind I Lead

Tho' blind I am, I lead the blind,
Which way so ever he's inclin'd;
I bear the man who first bears me,
by which name you soon will see.

-- Classic English riddle (Cousineau, p. 35)

It is "blind" but actually has no eyes. What helps to lead the blind? A cane or walking stick No explanation is necessary



The snake can't ever make them
The shark he never tries,
The eagle prefers not to,
And so away he flies.
And yet one always finds them
In many climes and lands,
A man himself can make them
But never with his hands.

-- Lair of The Sphynx (p. 65)

The eagle COULD make them; It is physically impossible for the snake. What can a man make without using his hands? Tears No explanation is necessary


The Phone

Do it to the phone!
Do it to the door!
Do it incorrectly
To get a real poor score.
Do it to me now,
So you need think no more.

-- Rick Smith, Quest For The Riddle Stone (p. 72)

What do you do to both a phone and a door? For line 4, think "high school." Answer No explanation is necessary


What God Never Sees

What God never sees;
What the king seldom sees;
What we see every day;
Read my riddle, I pray.

-- from Barbados (Cousineau, p. 28)

What is it that God never sees even though he is omniscient? An arrogant person might disagree with line 3. An equal No explanation is necessary


Voiceless It Cries

Voiceless it cries,
Wingless flutters,
Toothless bites,
Mouthless mutters.

-- From The Hobbit (Tolkien, p. 74)

Some people would say it "howls" rather than "cries."People say it "bites" when it is cold outside.Wind No explanation is necessary


Tree Of Great Honor

I have a tree of great honor,
Which tree beareth both fruit and flower;
Twelve branches this tree hath make,
Fifty-two nests therein he make,
And every nest hath birds seven;
Thank-ed be the King of Heaven;
And every bird hath a different name:
How may all this together frame?

-- Old English riddle (Cousineau, p. 44)

This riddle is very figurative--it has NOTHING to do with a tree. What contains 52 groups of 7? The year [15th century] No explanation is necessary


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