This one is from card #8 of Sheryl's big BirthAnniValeJustBecauseOweenMas surprise.

Head Without Arms

I'm given as gifts or bummed for by bum.
I'm worth some of all, and get all of some.

I've head without arms and tail without legs.
I've power for which the blind beggar begs.

You need me, then get me, then give me away
For fun or for work. For pleasure or play.

-- Kordel

What do you use by giving it away?What has both heads and tails but no other body parts? Money I believe that after you know the answer that no explanation is necessary.


This one is from card #10 of Sheryl's big BirthAnniValeJustBecauseOweenMas surprise.

A Trip From The Shore

A trip from the shore with exercise fun
Cooled down by water while baked by the sun.

Like Madam, I'm Adam, noon, and racecar,
And sagas and solos. I'm like radar.

As drab as a fool, aloof as a bard,
A Santa at NASA, draw, O coward.

Like Kay, a red nude, peeped under a yak,
And like campus motto: "Bottoms up, Mac."

In fact, like a yak, I sound like one too.
And here's where I give you one final clue:

Working together, with barely a rest,
With partners you'll put teamwork to the test.

-- Kordel

The bulk of this riddle is not nonsense as it might initially sound. What do most of these words or phrases have in common? Sounding like a yak is referring to the WORD yak, not the sound that an actual yak makes. Kayak Like kayak, many of these words or phrases are palindromes. Kayaking exercises both your arms and your ability to work as a team.


This is one that Caleb wrote while doing some work with a machete.

My Hairs Are Cut

My hairs are cut with just one blow
And flying with the winds they go.

Though some may think their wish I bring
Instead I make a hated thing.

-- Caleb

Does not refer to actual hair. First I am yellow, then I am white and fuzzy. Dandelion Some people try to blow off all the seeds in one breath to make a wish come true.


Here is a riddle I wrote while on a cruise with my oldest son.

Lone Knight

Lone stalwart knight all dressed in black.
Advances boldly from the back.

His ivory foes still standing ground
Have yet to move or make a sound.

This tale I tell, is it a lie?
Say "yea" or "nay" and answer why.

-- Kordel

This is describing the opening of a game of chess. Apparently only the black knight has moved. Yes, this is a lie.  See the explanation for the"answer why." In a game of chess, it is impossible that only the black knight has moved because white always makes the first move.


Here is a fun one based on a common brain teaser. All I did was to set it to rhyme and call it a riddle.

While Hunting

While hunting there I drop my gun.
I see a bear and start to run.

A mile south, a mile east,
I flee for life from giant beast.

Then north one mile to find my gun,
This deadly race I now have won.

Now answer me if you would dare:
What color was this giant bear?

-- Kordel

This is not a joke. You CAN actually tell the bear's color from the information provided. There is only one place in the world where you can run 3 miles as described and wind up back where you started. White You must be at the North Pole, therefore it must be a WHITE polar bear.


Here is I wrote for my boys. I thought it would take them longer to solve it, but two of them solved it almost immediately.

Wood I Cannot Cut

Riddle me clues. Riddle me facts.
While in the woods with my big axe

I find some wood I'd like to cut
To build a part of my new hut.

I swing with strength -- a failed attempt.
This solid wood I cannot dent.

What is this wood that holds me up?
What is this wood I cannot cut?

-- Kordel

It is not petrified. It is actually made of wood, but you cannot cut it with your axe. What is the ONE piece of wood in a forest that you cannot hit with your axe? The axe handle Trying to chop the axe handle with the axe would be like trying to lick your own ear!


This is the first riddle I ever wrote. I wrote it while working a convention for Cactus Game Design next to Cloud Kingdom Game's booth. Several riddles from Cloud Kingdom are included in the following riddle pages.

On Placid Wave

On polished plane or placid wave
Or sometimes distant land.

I'm every race. I'm every face --
All things to every man.

Not point of view nor twist of truth,
But facts I bring to light.

Yet cease to share or even care
When darkness veils my sight.

-- Kordel

"placid wave" refers to calm water Most people see one every morning Your reflection line 1 = mirror & calm water; line 2 = "witch water"


My boys consider this one to be a very simple riddle. However, if you have only ever seen one of these in cartoons or stores, you might find it very difficult.

Solid Safe

A solid safe; treasure within.
I take it home then I break in.

Green outer shell, heart hid in straw,
And deep within a hidden ball.

Two eyes, a nose, expression smug.
I crack its head to drink its blood.

-- Kordel

The first 4 lines might not make sense to you if you have never seen a real one of these. The "ball" inside is what you usually see in stores and cartoons coconut A real coconut grows inside a tough green husk surrounded by a layer of "straw"


Never Dry

I'm always wet and never dry.
In ocean beds I dance or lie.

I'm found in rivers, gulfs, and seas
Where clams and squids do as they please.

I'm not the biggest fish you'll see
Yet fishermen still flock to me.

I'm in deep depths and on the shores.
I'm harvested and sold in stores.

I'm found in cleaners; found in soups.
I'm found with fish that swim in groups.

You often find me on your boat.
Too much of me and you can't float.

Too much of me and you can die.
I've no more clues. Now what am I?

-- Kordel

It is not an animal What, by definition of "wet", can NEVER be "dry"? Water No explanation is necessary


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