Riddles are the playground of a healthy mind. They have been called "an overt question with a covert answer" or a "lie that tells the truth." Following is a collection of many riddles that I am fond of.

It can be difficult to find GOOD riddles. There are many joke riddles. Even more poor or mediocre riddles that have more than one possible answer. I have also found many "word" riddles that allude to different uses of a particular word or even PART of a word. The best riddles, however, refer to one specific object and have only ONE possible answer. On the following pages you will find many riddles that I have either written or have hand-picked as particularly enjoyable riddles.

After each riddle you will find one or more of the following buttons (below). They are my solution for giving you hints or answers without letting you ruin other riddles by accidentally seeing their answers. Simply hold your mouse over them, and the corresponding message should appear. This works using the "alt" and "title" tags in html. When I built these pages the buttons worked in IE, FireFox, and Safari. If you use a different browser or even a newer browser than I used there is always a chance that they will not function as planned (this has already happened once--my boys helped me rebuild the pages to be compatible with Internet Explorer 8). If this happens, please let me know so I can look into it.

NOTE: The pop-up box with the text disappears after a while so you might have to move your cursor off the button and put it back to finish reading longer hints or explanations. You can practice on the buttons below:

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NOTE: Many of the riddles in this collection are actually untitled. I have stuck with the convention of using the opening line or phrase as the title, or have sometimes made the judgment call to use a key phrase or thought from the riddle when appropriate.

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[BirthAnniValeJustBecauseOweenMas] Riddles written for Sheryl's big "Just Because" present. Two of these were reworked into Page 1 below.

[Page 1] Riddles written by Kordel or other Lentines

[Page 2] Miscellaneous riddles (various sources)

[Page 3] Miscellaneous riddles (various sources)

[Page 4] Miscellaneous riddles (various sources)

[Page 5] Miscellaneous riddles (various sources)

[Page 6] Miscellaneous riddles (various sources)

[Page 7] Miscellaneous riddles (various sources)

[Page 8] Some "part-of-word" riddles

[Works Consulted] List of all books and sources from which I have compiled riddles

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