Kory's Crazy Card Collection

Following are some of my "fake" Redemption cards that I have made for fun:

Title: Rose of Sharon
Type: Lamb
Verse: Song of Solomon 2:1-4
Special Ability: The creator of Sharen's deck assumes all her points

Comments: This is the first Redemption "card" that I ever made. My wife's mom (Sharen) had commented several times in one game that no matter who won, I would get the credit since I had made her deck for her. I decided that I'd take that a step further and take all her points too! I created this card and slipped it into my deck the next time we played. Sadly, The Rose of Sharon was discovered prematurely by a Gabriel, before I had a chance to draw it <sniff!>

Title: Holy Cow!
Type: Lamb
Verse: Matthew 24:24-26
Special Ability: How'd he do that?! Kory just won the game!

Comments: This is a card I made for a slight-of-hand trick that I do, where I show a hand made up of nothing but lousy enhancements, discard three cards, then lay down my Son of God, New Jerusalem, and Holy Cow! cards (which appear to have just "appeared" in my hand). When performing this trick, I have found several people who like to comment, "Oh, that's easy! I know how you did that!" Honestly, they don't know the half of it. I won't go into details here, but getting this trick to actually work involved use of a commercial shrink-wrap machine, super glue, scissors and a good deal of fine-tuning.

Title: Audio Adrenaline
Type: 10/10 Blue Hero
Verse: NA
Special Ability: Audio Adrenaline may band with Audio Adrenaline. You may have up to 4 Audio Adrenaline cards per fifty in your deck.

Title: Toby Mac
Type: 10/10 Blue Hero
Verse: NA
Special Ability: Toby may use any enhancement with a musical instrument in the card title.

Comments: Audio Adrenaline and Toby Mac were both present for probably the largest event in the history of Shepherd's Connection. Not only did I make all 5 of them their own Redemption cards, I had them all sign my personal copies!

Title: Foolishness
Type: 3/3 Multi-color Evil Enhancement
Verse: Proverbs 1:29,32
Special Ability: Philosophy is a science defined as the pursuit, study & love of wisdom.

Title: Wisdom
Type: 4/4 Multi-color Hero Enhancement
Verse: 1 Corinthians 1:20,25
Special Ability: Philosophy may allow or require looking at ideas from both sides.

Comments: This is my "flip card" that plays as both a good and an evil enhancement. It doesn't really have a special ability, but is intended to be thought-provoking. And yes, "philosophy" in the middle reads the same both ways! This card was later modified by Cactus and printed as the official double-sided promo card, only available at Cactus' web site (www.CactusGameDesign.com).

Title: Koron
Type: 1/1 Black Evil Character
Verse: "That list is no ordinary list, my lad," replied Robdalf. "It is The ONE List. Created by the mighty Koron himself. With that list, Fat Man and Little Boy were forged!" --Spoken to Frodoug
Special Ability: Koron is immune to all characters. King's Sword has no effect on Koron.

Comments: When I first released my card list to the public as "The ONE List", I posted a story on the newsgroup with the characters Robdalf (Rob), Frodoug (Doug) and Koron (Kory--me!). The "verse" is a quote from that story.

Fat Man and Little Boy, by the way, are the names of my 2 tournament decks (105 cards and 56 cards, respectively). Although I don't get to play in many tournaments (I'm usually the host), Fat Man swept the 2001 North Central Regional Tournament (the biggest regional tournament that year) going undefeated for 6 rounds to take 1st place. This was ground-breaking at the time, since many veteran players at the time were insisting that 100+ card decks were sloppy and no match for a good small deck--every deck I beat that day was under 100 cards : )

Title: The ONE List
Type: Artifact
Verse: One List to rule them all, One List defines them, One List to take them all and by brigade align them.
Special Ability: While The ONE List is activated, Koron gains 30/30.

Comments: This card also comes from The ONE List story mentioned above. Koron and The ONE List come together to make up an incredible combo! The "poem" makes reference to the "by brigade" order that makes up my list format.

Title: Underwater Ambush
Type: Lamb
Verse: "BLUBLAT'S BLEBESSED BLUBLUP!" -- Jason's response to finding out that Kory's underwater "starter deck" included Saul/Paul, Holy Grail, Falling Away, Prince of this World, Emperor Nero, Burial Shroud, New Jerusalem (lamb), and much MUCH more!
Special Ability: Player may search his draw pile and discard pile for any characters and/or enhancements that depict water, and place them immediately into battle.

Comments: This card bears a picture from my record-breaking SCUBA Redemption game: the first documented underwater game of Redemption! You can read more details of this game, but suffice to say that the name of the card says it all -- it was truly an underwater slaughter!