Date of our first picture:  May, 2011

Location of our first photograph:  Platte City, MO

Also known as:  (Charadrius vociferus)

Interesting fact(s):  Killdeer exhibit a clever "broken wing display" in which they appear to be struggling with a broken wing while leading the predator away from their babies.

They are ground-nesting birds that are famous for hiding their nests right out in the open. They use no nesting materials at all, relying instead on distraction displays to protect their offspring.

Additional Information:

Comments:  We often see these birds in the fields. Their nests, even they they are totally exposed, usually blend in and are very hard to find. They are actually easier to find by looking for killdeer wil "broken wings" -- then you know you're getting closer!

These two pictures (above and below) are actually screen-captured from a video where this bird, failing to lead me away from its nest with the "broken wing" ploy, boldly placed itself between me and its nest screaming at me to go away. I got about four feet away from it before retreating, and it showed no signs of moving.

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