About The Children (2012)

These surveys were filled out in May, 2012 (later than usual this year). We usually try to update this page at the beginning of every year.

In addition to answering the questions, everyone picked out a picture from the previous year to represent themselves.


Toby on a cruise excursion to kayak through the banyan trees in Progresso, Yukatan, Mexico.

Name:  Toby (Tobias David)

Birthday:  May 3

Age (at time of survey):  19

Favorite Color:  Black

Favorite Food:  Chinese food

Favorite 2 Games:  Nertz* &
Risk: Legacy

Favorite Hymn:  Amazing Grace*

Favorite Animal:  Dragon (European, not Asian)

Instrument of choice:  Piano & guitar

Favorite school subject:  Psychology*

Favorite hobby:  Spending time with friends*

When I grow up I would like to be:  A youth minister or a worship minister*

A passage that I like:  The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)*

Misc. thoughts:  "Bacon is God's gift to the world and in heaven we will eat it every day"*


This is a picture of Caleb being really really awesome in Florida. (NOTE: he picked the caption, too)

Name:  Caleb (Caleb Joshua)

Birthday:  July 10

Age (at time of survey):  16

Favorite Color:  Red / Purple*

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Favorite 2 Games:  BattleLore* & Risk: Legacy*

Favorite Hymn:  Amazing Grace*

Favorite Animal:  Fox*

Instrument of choice:  None

Favorite school subject:  Not math*

Favorite hobby:  Painting figures and drawing

When I grow up I would like to be: A nurse anesthetist*

A verse that I like:  Ecclesiastes 11:3b :)*

Misc. thoughts:  "If a deaf person goes to court, is it still called a hearing?"*


This is Benjamin's feet photographed on a beach in Florida by a professional photographer (I kid you not!)

Name:  Benjamin Joseph

Birthday:  March 20

Age (at time of survey):  15

Favorite Color:  Gray

Favorite Food:  Rare steak (crimson on the inside)

Favorite 2 Games:  Settlers of Catan* & Apples to Apples*

Favorite Hymn:  Blessed Assurance

Favorite Animal:  Wolf

Instrument of choice:  Violin & piano*

Favorite school subject:  Nihongo (Japanese)*

Favorite hobby:  Reading

When I grow up I would like to be:  an airline pilot

A verse that I like:  John 3:16*

Misc. thoughts:  -- *


Ezra standing in front of where we stayed for vacation in Florida.

Name:  Ezra (Ezra Elijah)

Birthday:  September 3

Age (at time of survey):  13

Favorite Color:  Yellow

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Favorite 2 Games:  HeroClix* & BattleLore*

Favorite Hymn:  Rise Up, O Man of God*

Favorite Animal:  Frog

Instrument of choice:  Hands & feet*

Favorite school subject:  Science

Favorite hobby:  Playing games with my brothers*

When I grow up I would like to be: Undecided*

A verse that I like:  Philippians 4:8*

Misc. thoughts:  "--"



Here is SharenRose just before participating in the ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty.

Name:  SharenRose (SharenRose Andrea)

Birthday:  January 27

Age (at time of survey):  6

Favorite Color:  Blue*

Favorite Food:  Carrots*

Favorite 2 Games:  Yahtzee* & Uno*

Favorite Hymn:  Jesus Loves Me*

Favorite Animal:  Kitty

Instrument I like:  Piano

Favorite school subject:  Art

Favorite hobby:  Play outside*

When I grow up I would like to be: A mom*

A passage that I like:  The Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)*

Misc. thoughts:  "I like to play with dogs" *



Providence dressed up for his 5-year-old superhero birthday party.

Name:  Providence (Providence Arlin)

Birthday:  July 11

Age (at time of survey):  5

Favorite Color:  Purple*

Favorite Food:  Popsicles*

Favorite 2 Games:  Superhero Chutes & Ladders* & Candyland*

Favorite Hymn:  The I Am song for the woman at the well*

Favorite Animal:  Dogs*

Instrument I like:  Piano*

Favorite school subject:  Getting rewards*

Favorite hobby:  Play with my superheros*

When I grow up I would like to be: A person that lives with wolves*

A passage that I like:  the story of the woman at the well (John 4:1-42)*

Misc. thoughts:  "It's fun playing computer games"*


*Answer differs from survey one year ago (2011 Survey)
**Question new to this year's survey

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