Testimonies: A Check From God

After Sheryl and I had been married for just a few years, I injured my back lifting my oldest son. I was off my feet for weeks. I was diagnosed with a full-blown L4-L5 disk and told that I needed surgery. As it ends up, God blessed me with recovery that did not require surgery.

However, what truly frustrated my family was that my insurance refused to pay for the for an MRI that cost just over $1,600 that the doctor had ordered to make the diagnosis. My insurance company said it was an optional service since it did not actually fix anything even though it was required in order to actually fix anything! I argued and debated with them, to no avail.

After Sheryl and I finally prayed and left it in God's hands, we received an unexpected envelope from the Internal Revenue Service. Apparently there had been some mistake made on our tax return that we were unaware of, and the unexpected refund that we received was just over $1,600--almost exactly the cost of the MRI!

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