Testimonies: The demise of Descent

Many years ago I taught a lesson in Sunday School at church. During that lesson, I shared the results of a survey of Christians. In this survey, people were asked:

The final survey questions then pointed out how many hours the same people spent each week watching TV, reading newspapers, listening to music, etc. The point, predictably, was that even though we SAY we believe the Bible is important, by our actions we do not really show it.

At this point in the lesson, I got personal. I confessed that I liked to play computer games, and that I often let them crowd out my time for more important things. My favorite game was Descent. I confessed that I sometimes would play Descent early in the morning even before my morning devotions. I went on to say that in light of this lesson, I saw this as an area in my life that I needed to change.

The very next morning, I got up and struggled with the temptation to boot up the computer and play Descent. Despite what I had just got done teaching, I gave in. I figured I would just play for a little bit while Sheryl was asleep, and THEN move on to more important things.

However, when I tried to run the game, it did not work! Looking into it, I found that my C drive was fine. My Games folder on the C drive worked fine. But my Descent folder in the Games folder was corrupted--ONLY Descent was affected. As it ends up, God took care of my hypocrisy for me.

In a journal entry following this incident, I wrote the following:
"Descent has now been formatted from my drive, and the silence that has followed has been enlightening. Suddenly, I have more time to listen."

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