We believe that God's Word is very clear: life begins in the womb. MANY passages in the Bible (like Psalm 139:13-17 and Exodus 21:22-25) make this so clear that it is beyond debate for a Christian. If God's Word is true then abortion is murder. Period.

Following are some signs that our family made for the occasions when we have demonstrated outside local abortion facilities.

This was Caleb's idea for his sign.
Ben helped with the dandelion.

This is the sign we made for SharenRose to hold.

We had this one created as a larger vinyl banner. One of the members of our church had a banner similar to this but one day when he was demonstrating the wind blew it onto the abortion facility's property. The manager then quickly came out and confiscated it as "litter" and refused to give it back. I didn't have the same picture that was on the original sign so we used one of Caleb's 3-month baby pictures.

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