All of the churches I have preached at and most of the churches where my family has worshipped have practiced instrumental worship. That said, I prefer to practice worship without instruments for a number of reasons, including:

With all this said, I must be clear that "thou shall not worship with instruments" does not occur anywhere in the Bible! As compelling as we find the arguments that lead us to believe that non-instrumental worship is preferable, none of them are conclusive enough to call instrumental worship a sin. We find this to be a debatable issue, therefore, best handled by the principles found in Romans 14.

Sadly, my family once had to leave a church because they required us to say, "We believe that all instrumental worship is a sin," in order to be "fellowshiped." We had to conclude that to require us, in the tradition of man-made creeds, to confess that something is a sin, that God does not call a sin, is to be guilty of “teaching as doctrine the commandments of men” (Mt 15:9, NKJV), and had to regretfully leave that church. For more details on this conclusion, feel free to download Sing Study, the research paper I wrote while researching this issue.

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