Final Nevis Pictures (December, 2004)

Here is Ezra with Spumoni (the last of our three cats on Nevis).

My artistic skills at work on the class white board! Maybe I should stick to academics...

In Cell Biology, some quizzes were an hour and a half long! They came to be affectionately known as "Quizillas."

The view from the men's restroom. Only in the Caribbean...

Yeah, you guessed it. The electricity went out again.

This happened to be our last night on the island, and we still had a number of things left to do that REQUIRED electricity!

Fortunately for us, it was only out for a couple hours!

Leaving the island glitch #1:

THE Detour!

They closed the road between our house and the airport shortly before the end of the semester. Since there is pretty much one main road around the island, you had to detour through the middle of the island and then double back to get to the airport. This changed the drive from our house to the airport from about 10 minutes to almost an hour!

Throw in the fact that we were driving a tiny little Toyota Tercel, and had MAXIMUM luggage (18 suitcases!), AND had a very early flight the following morning, and that added up to a bit of a problem. We would have had to get up at about 2am to have the time to make enough trips to get everything to the airport on time.

This is a picture of the airport from across the street. A classmate let us store our bags there so we only had to drag them across the street on the morning of our flight.

That's still a lot of trips in a tiny car to get all those suitcases there. So we decided to hire a cab (van) to move them all with one trip. If you look closely, you can see a whole line of cabs parked in front of the airport. All the drivers were hanging out chatting, playing dominos, etc. EVERY one of the cab drivers, who were standing around waiting for a job, turned down our job. They said it was too much work! No one even offered to do it for a ridiculous amount of money--they just wouldn't do it! This kind of work ethic was not at all uncommon there. We ended up doing it all in our little car.

Final posted grades. Here I am with the top
grade in Cell Biology. I actually ended with
~103%, but the teacher had to round down
with the final posting.

Anatomy and Physiology final grades. Yep, top grade again.

If you look closely, you can see the reflection of an egotistical overachiever with a camera in the background!

This was my favorite. For Chemistry, we got
to choose a code name at the beginning of the semester, that was always used when posting grades. I chose "Dufus." I always got a kick out of hearing "Dufus got the highest grade again!"

Again, notice the reflection of the dufus in the background with a camera, wearing my favorite hat.

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