Coconut & Cat Feast (December, 2004)

Sheryl captured the last coconut that we opened on film.

Here I am tearing away the husk.

I'd be curious to know who the first crazy person was who ever had the bright idea to tear open a coconut to see what was inside! It's not like all the cartoons that show a nice hard round "nut" falling from the tree--which is already a pretty hard thing to crack. But just to get to the nut, you have to tear through layer after layer of husk.

I suppose it'd be a lot easier if I ever upgraded to a machete, like the natives, instead of using a hammer.

Getting closer...

Holding the nut. Not long now...

The boys finally get the nut open.

Toward the end of our stay, we lost electricity long enough to spoil everything in our refrigerator.

Since we were down to only one cat by this time, it made for quite a feast for one little cat (AND the ants!).

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