Climbing Mount Nevis (December, 2004)

On our "to do" list before leaving the island, we had always wanted to climb Mt. Nevis. Three of us went.

The elevation is over 3,200 feet. In a review about this climb, a writer, who had climbed and critiqued dozens of trails worldwide, ranked Mt. Nevis as the 3rd hardest he'd ever seen, in terms of stamina and rise over a short period.

Caleb getting ready to go. Way-cool head gear.

Much of the "trail" is like this--more like mountain climbing than mountain hiking.

Here is the seven of us (minus me) at the top. Notice the clouds. As we were INSIDE the cloud, there was no view whatsoever.

The three of us at the very top.

Climbing down.

This was one of the best scenic views from the mountain that I was able to capture. In truth, it is not even HALF way up. Unforturnately, just a little higher than this we entered the cloud and killed any chance of a better view of Nevis.

Still heading down. I thought this picture did OK at capturing the sheer steepness of the climb as Caleb [bottom] is only a few feet from the camera.

In most cases, I found that the pictures just don't capture the incline very well--it's as if your eyes "adjust" what they are seeing in terms of the horizontal..

Here is a nasty little plant we were told to be cautious around. If you get its juice on you, it will start to dissolve your skin--VERY NASTY!

Back on the bottom just off the main road, we stopped to take a picture in front of the mountain.

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