Our Tour Of St. Kitts (November, 2004)

For one of our final visits to St. Kitts, we stayed at the Marriott (as usual). The Marriott was always a welcome break, and had a fabulous breakfast buffet (especially when you were used to Nevesian food!).

This is a picture of the pool by moonlight, that I thought turned out rather well.

Here it is. The place to catch the ferry between St. Kitts and Nevis. It is probably my least favorite place ON THE PLANET.

I don't think I ever had the misfortune of being there, where I wasn't subjected to profusely foul language, loud drunks, pushy beggars, self-proclaimed preachers carrying on about the F-ing Americans, the F-ing CIA, our mother-F-ing military (and so on...), or any number of other worse degenerates found somewhere near the bottom-most layer of scum of the human race.

Having to go through this place made me sometimes not want to visit the Marriott.

One place we passed on our tour:

"Nearby here on the banks of the Stonefort River, known also as Pelhan River, both the English and the French settlers in 1626 united to fight against the native Carib Indians. Informed by a Carib woman, Barbe, of an impending assault by the natives, the settlers in a surprise attack massacred several thousand Caribs. It is said that the river flowed with blood for several days. This marked the end of Carib occupation on St. Kitts."

Caleb and Ezra pose for a picture outside the Caribelle Batik, a famous place where a type of dyed cloth is made, during our tour of St. Kitts.

All of us by a fountain at the Caribelle Batik.

One of the biggest things that we toured on St. Kitts was the Brimstone Hill Fortress. It was built by the English between the 1690's and the 1790's, captured by the French in 1782, given back to the English following the Treaty of Paris, and was reinforced until it achieved the title "the Gibraltar of the West Indies" until it's abandonment in the mid 19th century.

Only Toby, Caleb, and Benji climbed to the top with me. Here they are by a bell on the top floor of the fort.

This is also at the top of the fort. That is G'dad in the bottom doorway to the far right.

Yes, that's a pretty good fall down.

No, there is not a guardrail around it.

Suffice to say, I was very nervous about about being up there with the boys, and breathed easier once we were on our way down.

The boys manning the cannon.

St. Eustacia off in the distance (Saba was visible behind it, but did not turn out in this picture).

As I noted in Our Trip To Saba, Nevis, and St. Maarten, we happened to snap a shot of this fort from the air as Sheryl and I flew over St. Kitts on our initial overnight stay to check out Nevis.

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