Miscellaneous (November, 2004)


This is Forte--the third and final baby goat that we kept on Nevis. Sheryl and the boys found it orphaned in the middle of the road, barely avoiding traffic (Nevesians don't slow down for goats!).

"Forte" basically means "loud," and was an appropriate name as this was the loudest goat I've ever heard!

Sheryl taking a picture of us, driving around Nevis to get a picture of goats in the road!

One of the things that was commonplace on Nevis (that I miss) was the fact that you could never drive from point A to point B without encountering herds of goats--usually in the middle of the road, taking their time.

Toward the end of our stay on Nevis, we set out with a camera to get a picture of this, but they seemed to never be around when you specifically wanted them to be.

This picture is alright, but not nearly as impressive as what we normally saw. (This, by the way, is the main road around the island).

Here are some of the boys with our dive float. Standing where the dive flag usually flies is our brand new lobster catcher. I modified it to work like a snake noose so we could manually tighten it (the previous automatic design did not work well).

We were going to try it out at Oualie beach, but hit a snag when, while I talking to a classmate, Benji capsized it, losing most of my gear. Since we had near-zero visibility (for the first time EVER at this beach!), It took us over an hour to find everything. (We got VERY lucky!)

We never did get to try out the new lobster catcher before we left Nevis.

Sheryl and "Jimmy the Monkey."

Sheryl and the boys found a man who had rescued this baby monkey from drowning in a pond, and made it a pet. When one of the boys jokingly said, "look, it's Curious George!", the owner said, "No, Curious George is on St. Kitts--this is Jimmy the Monkey."


Benji and Caleb being creative. Benji put together all four puzzles by himself, while Caleb built this entire
Viking village without any help.

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