Sheryl And The Boys In England (October, 2004)

During my second semester at MUA, Sheryl and the boys, along with her parents, visited England to check out another medical school there.

At this point, it was getting to be almost a year since Lazarus had died (see Remembering Lazarus and A Short Hello; A Long Goodbye), and we were getting ready to try to get pregnant again. After what we witnessed that passed for "health care" on Nevis, and after all the problems we had with Lazarus, I did not want Sheryl to be pregnant on that island.

This is the primary thing that led us to consider the international medical school outside of London. In the end, we dicided that the benefits weren't good enough to justify the expense of another international relocation, so we moved back home to the US.

Here are the boys and Sheryl in front of Big Ben in London.

We didn't end up with very many pictures of this trip.

Some of the boys' favorite pictures of this trip were taken at this wax museum. Here they are next to Simon (from American Idol).

Benji taking on the Hulk!

The boys and their best spiderman impersonations.

You can also check out a few pictures of
me keeping busy without Sheryl and the boys.

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