Our First House On Nevis (May, 2004)

Here are some pictures from our first house in Nevis. We moved to a second house after living on Nevis for only a few months.

After we moved, I realized to my disappointment that I never took any pictures of the inside of this house.

It wasn't until over half a year after moving back to the US, when I was looking through old pictures to put online, that I realized we had these pictures of the house from our first overnight visit to scope out the island.

This is what passed for the "living room." It is really nothing more than a foyer with a little chair and sofa, and a little TV in the other corner.

To put the room size into perspective, I am standing IN the doorway in this picture (you can see the door knob in the picture's bottom-right corner).

This is one of the boys' bedrooms. Actually, we ended up moving this bed into the other bedroom so that all four boys slept in the same room (2 per bed).

This room was turned into the school room where much of their homeschool studies took place.

This is the hallway. The boys' bedroom is at the far end, the school room (above picture) is behind, the boys' bathroom is to the right, and the "living room" is to the left.

The three ropes you see hanging from the top were used to line-dry clothes inside the house. We were told by our neighbors upstairs that we were very lucky to have them. There was no dryer (almost no one on Nevis used them), and since it was so humid and frequently rained unexpectantly, it was convenient to dry the clothes in the house.

It was only through this that we realized the second major function of dryers: to remove vast amounts of lint from the clothes! We had never before had so much dust in a house! In the end, we decided to get an over-priced dryer in our second house, for the sake of Sheryl's asthma.

This is the laundry / utility room. The washer is to the right. You're looking at part of the sophisticated drying system.

Here is the kitchen and Sheryl, still pregnant with Lazarus.

After this visit, we decided to move to this house in Nevis the very next semester (January, 2004).

Unfortunately the disaster with Lazarus prevented us from coming until a semester later (May, 2004). This house was still available so we ended up moving here, anyway.

This is the "office." It's really just a desk in the master bedroom. The bed is behind you.

The house, as a whole, was quite an adjustment from what we had been used to, but worked out fine. We ended up moving in order to have our own yard so we didn't have to worry about our animals bothering anyone.

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