Miscellaneous... (October, 2004)

Here is a little spider that we found on our back porch. It is not the biggest spider that we have seen since we have been down here, but it was worthy of a quick picture.

It was already dead when we found it. Most of the big creepy things that we find are. For example, we keep finding dead scorpions beneath the kitchen table. The kids find that disappointing. Sheryl is quite happy with it that way (though she finds it somewhat unsettling).

Sheryl and the kids left to go visit England to visit a school that we are thinking about transferring to. They have been gone for whole day now, so I created this collage as a new cover page for my school notebook, along with a countdown for when they will be back!

One person suggested that I have too much free time on my hands. Another joked that this kind of obsession can't be healthy. I say I can't wait for them to get back...8 days to go!

Before leaving, Sheryl was feeling feisty and moved around the clothes in our closet, putting some of her shirts on my side. She joked that without her at home, I wouldn't know what to do and would end up wearing one of her shirts to school. I did just that, and posed for a picture at the front of the class just so she could be adequately mortified that I really did show up to school that way! When I walked in the door, I announced that I was going for the "pathetic husband who's wife is out of town" look -- I NAILED it!!

Notice the can of ravioli in my hand with the fork in it? Sheryl has forbid me in the past to take a can of ravioli to school for lunch (I love cold ravioli, by the way). Her objections go something like this: "There is no way I'm going to allow you to go to school and eat cold spaghettios out of a can and let me look like the kind of wife that sends her husband to school to eat cold Spaghettios out of a can! Now get outta my way and let me make you a REAL lunch!!" She's so good to me--I love her.

You have to admit, though: the can of ravioli
really topped off the look : )

See Sheryl And The Boys In England for a few pictures of their trip.

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