Our New House (August, 2004)


The first week in July, we moved to our new house. We had a great landlord and wonderful neighbors at our old house, so it was almost a shame to move when we had just got settled in. BUT, we wanted our own yard for the animals and the boys. We also got a much nicer place with much more room.

Here you can see our front porch and car port. As before, the clotheslines in the garage represent our high-tech drying system that we installed ourselves!

As with our original house, the boys all share a bedroom (2 per bed). Their curtains and bed coverings all have a space theme that glows in the dark (it looks pretty cool when the lights are just turned out).

Here they are having quiet reading time after a day of school.

Here is our dining room. We had moved the smaller table from the school room in to help accommodate a dinner we had for 16 people, but Sheryl found that she liked having the boys right next to the kitchen while they did their school, so for now this is both the dining room AND the school room.

Here is our new living room. Compared to the first house we were renting, it is HUGE (our last "living room" was basically a small foyer with a love seat and a tiny TV. This is where we have our Bible class every morning before I head off to school.

Here is our new fridge! The fridge that came with the house was broken when we moved in, so for the first few weeks we kept some essentials in a cooler, and replaced the ice every couple days. The new fridge is much nicer and bigger than our old one. This brings us to the problem: it is TOO big--it does not fit in the space the old one came out of. For now, it lives where you see it--in the middle of the floor. Eventually, they will cut out some of the cabinets to make room for it. We are just happy to finally have a refrigerator!

This is Sheryl's and my bedroom and office. Back "home" I have a big C-shaped wrap-around work station, adjacent to our library, with a nice soft full-back reclining office chair. Since I spend most of my time studying, this is where I feel our "change in living conditions" the most. At least this "office" has a bed in it! (The bed is actually where I spend the majority of my study time).

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