Our "Car" and new Yard (August, 2004)

I've been meaning to put up a picture of our "car" for a while, since I thought many of you might get a kick out of it. It is the smallest car I've ever driven. All 4 boys squeeze in the back. It holds about 8 gallons of gas, which lasts us about a week on this island. The engine is so small that I need to down-shift (or turn off the AC) to get up some hills. Even with a maximum speed limit of 40mph, I need to wait for a good long stretch of road to be able to get up the speed to safely pass (it needs a bigger rubber band under the hood!)

As you can see here (kind of), the steering wheel is on the right. It really didn't take long to get used to driving on the left side of the road. Nor did it take too long to stop walking over to the "wrong" side of the car. What took the longest to get used to is the turn signals on the RIGHT-hand side of the steering wheel. Sometimes I still turn on the wipers when I'm trying to turn!

The above pictures (with the car) were taken at the faculty parking lot at the school, right across from the pool (on Sunday's we can park wherever we want). This picture was taken right after that. It was the day before "Black Monday" when most of the school is studying for exams. But since Pre-Med classes had our exams on that Friday, it was my turn to kick back and enjoy the weekend!

So there I was, minding my own business, taking a break from studying and playing a game with the kids, when it hit me: THAT ROAD IS IN THE SHAPE OF A 2-METHYL-HEXANE! I obviously need to do a better job of taking a break...

We moved to a new house!

I've posted some pictures of our new house on another page. This is the front yard. It is huge. If you look real close, you can barely make out some remains of the foundation of an old building far back and to the right. Our front yard includes it, and continues past it a way to the main road.

Needless to say, we now have LOTS of room now for the kids and the other kids (goats) to run and play!

This picture is taken on the other side of the house (the house is behind me in this picture). You can see the fences on the left and right that border the sides of our yard. Far to the back you can make out a big concrete wall that marks the end of the yard.

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