Our Trip To St. Kitts (June, 2004)

We got a 3-day weekend halfway through the semester. We really can't call it a "day off" though, because we had extra make-up classes either before or afterwards, to make up what we missed.

For this "break," we went to the St. Kitts (the island next door) and stayed at the Marriott. It was huge. This picture shows one of maybe 20 buildings that make up the hotel. It was a wonderful place to stay.

Here we are (in our Sesame Street shirts) next to a huge fountain at the Marriot. Arlin (Sheryl's dad) took the picture.

A picture of the boys at the hotel.

The pool at the hotel.

Here is everyone telling Caleb goodbye. For his birthday, He gets to go home to Kansas City with Grandma and Grandad for a couple weeks. He was having fun rubbing it in about all the nice things he was going to eat while he was home (while we all survive on over-priced island food).

Leaving St. Kitts, on the hour-long ride back to Nevis. For how far out we are, it is interesting to note that they leave the back of the boat open the whole trip. On this ride at any given time, you are always a long-walk-off-a-short-boat away from swimming home.

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