Monkeys In The Backyard (June, 2004)

First of all, this is our backporch. We live on the bottom, and we have neighbors who live above us. Hanging from the top of our porch is a new-fangled clothes drying system that I installed.

This is one of the palm trees in our backyard. Have you ever tried to open a coconut with a rock? With a hammer? One of these days I will need to upgrade to a machete to make things easier.

Here is monkey #1. The boys like to take turns climbing up the ladder and swinging from the palm tree branches.


These pictures (unfortunately) represent my best attempts so far at getting a picture of the monkeys that are always in the trees in our backyard. They have an uncanny ability to disappear when you go to get the camera, or move nearer for a close-up. The monkey on the top right is carrying a fruit that it picked from the tree.

This picture (I did not take it) is what the monkeys look like up close. My favorite has been a mother with a baby monkey that rides on her stomach when she climbs the trees.

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