Meet The Pets (June, 2004)

Meet (left to right) Black Beard, Spumoni, and Puss In Boots. When Sheryl went to get our baby goat, she had asked if she could bring back a cat -- she brought home three! They are the perfect cats.

This is Pepper, our first baby goat. It was born premature, is about cat-size, still has its umbilical cord, and will be bottle-feeding for quite some time to come.

Here is Pepper in his "natural element." He's actually not very natural anywhere at this point. We suspect that he is braindamaged. He spends most of his time standing around moving his lower jaw up and down. He has just started to occasionally play, run and hop, so we are hoping he will be OK.

This is Creampie. He's also a baby (still has his umbilical cord, also), but not premature. He is much more "goat-like" than Pepper, and is very playful. He had been sitting on our porch with Ezra until Ezra went inside to get a drink. Creampie then promptly took over Ezra's chair, AND his bag of toys.

"Wow, when you tip the bag upside down, all the toys fall out!"

"Hey, I thought I left these in the bag!"

"Who? Me?"

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