A Day Diving With Dad (June, 2004)

This is a hermit crab at the base of the block. It is right where the big eel was last time we visited.

This is one of the big lobsters that hang out under the block. Next to it is one of the crabs that we have been calling "spider things." From a distance, they almost look like underwater spiders, but when you get real close to them, you can see that they have tiny blue pinchers.

We find quite a bit of sea life in the old conch shells that we find all over the ocean floor. This is some type of creature (looks and feels like octopus tentacles) growing out of the shell.

Here's another "thing" growing in a conch shell that Caleb found.

This is a little blue and yellow fish that Toby found hiding in a shell.

This is a little orange and white striped shrimp that Toby found in a shell. There was also a funny green crab in there (see the next picture).

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