A Day Diving With Dad (June, 2004)

This is page one (of three) with pictures of a typical day snorkeling (skin diving) with the boys. I just got my housing for my digital camera, and I took this first picture on the shore to see if it was working. This is the dock at Oualie Beach. Ultimately, our final destination will be a red float about double the length of the pier away from shore, and off to the right.

Yippee! My very first underwater picture (of Caleb diving), and my digital camera is not ruined!! (yet...)

For now, we call these things "sucky things" (we just bought a set of books so we can start learning the real names of things). The round thing on the wood that looks kinda' like a plant is one of those sea creatures that quickly "suck" into a cone at its base whenever you touch it. There are two of them on the way to the red float, and every time we swim to or from the red float, the kids take turns swimming down (about 12 feet) and "popping" them.

Here is a picture of Toby and Caleb next to our "dive raft." It is basically a tire tube inflated around a milk crate, with 30 feet of rope wrapped around it (for handholds), and another 30 foot anchor.

Still heading out to the red float, Toby and Caleb stop to pick up a sea cucumber.

Finally made it to the red float! It is anchored to a big concrete block about 12 feet deep. This picture shows Toby and Caleb swimming down to it. There are all kinds of things living under and around it: lobsters, crabs, eels, fish, etc.

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