Our first photo album page:
Some miscellaneous pictures
(May, 2004)

For the final few months before our trip to Nevis, we had created a "Nevis Chain" with one ring for every day left before the big move. The boys would take turns tearing one off every day. The excitement (and nervousness) grew as the chain got smaller and smaller. This picture was taken May 1st as the whole family together "tore off" the last ring.

These signs are pretty common on the island, and we always get a kick out of them. We have seen plenty of monkeys in the trees behind our house, but never when I have my camera. I am determined to eventually add a picture of our local monkeys to our scrapbook.

This is a picture I took from the shore of Oualie Beach. It's probably been our favorite beach so far. You can wade out over a hundred yards before the water gets too deep for the kids to touch. We've snorkeled there quite a bit, and found lots of conch shells (most of them occupied) and starfish. Last time, Toby found a 4-legged starfish.

These are probably the coolest caterpillars that we've ever seen. Outside G'ma and G'dad's hotel room (at Oualie Beach, when they came down to help us move), there was a bush with dozens of these things. Each one was over 4 inches long!

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