Our First Break (May, 2005)

For my final exam in Algebra/Trigonometry at UMKC, I was allowed to have one page of information to keep with me during the test. This picture is what I came up with as my official "cheat sheet." I had the coolest cheat sheet in the class (if I do say so myself!).

NOTE: For my birthday, Sheryl and the kids got me a bear from build-a-bear that was dressed as a doctor. When you squeeze its right hand it says, "We're so proud of you," and when you squeeze the other it says, "You'll do great." This is what Benji is saying in the picture.

We went straight from my last final exam to Indiana (Sheryl and the boys were outside in the car with the suitcases). This picture was taken at a rest stop on the way. They boys were just stretching their legs, but I thought it would make a nice picture.

For our first time back in Indiana in years, we decided to visit Amish Acres and do the complete tour, including this tractor-pulled wagon ride.

Root cellar at Amish Acres.

On Mother's Day, we got together with all the uncles and my Mom at Potato Creek. One of the big attractions at the park was the rocket that Uncle Shan brought.

Here we have the "catcher" of the rocket. We were able to fire the rocket about 4 or 5 times. The 2nd to last time, it landed on someone's car in the parking lot. The very last time the wind carried it away never to be seen again.

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