Toby's Scuba Certification (March and April, 2004)

Toby and his intructor, Monte, doing classwork prior to Toby's closed- and open-water dives, in order to become a certified scuba diver.

Toby and Monte doing his closed-water dives in a pool.

Beaver Lake. April. Freezing. 'Nuff said.

In order to get Toby certified before we moved to Nevis, we had to go to a dry suit exhibition in Arkansas. Toby and I were the only two there who were wearing wet suits.

Notice that Toby is wearing two wet suits in this picture to help stay warm.

I look like the Pilsbury Dough Boy! At least I'm warm (kinda')

Toby all suited up. We liked Monte's dive float idea so much that we made one for ourselves when we were in Nevis (see A Day Diving With Dad).

Dad and Sally came to visit us in March before we left the country.

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