Our trip to Saba, Nevis, and St. Maarten
(October, 2003)

While the boys stayed with Grandma and Granddad for several days, Sheryl and I visited Saba and Nevis to look at the medical schools.

Saba is pretty much just a rock in the water. It is about 5 square miles in size.

This is a picture of it's claim to fame: the SMALLEST runway in the world! In regard to landing there, the tourist brochures have this to say: "Don't worry, the pilots don't want to die either!"

On our short stay on Saba (which gratefully convinced us that we never wanted to live there with our children), we stayed at a place without electricity or running water (water is provided by individual cisterns that catch rainwater).

This is the shower. It consists of a big black plastic bag on a board. You put the bag out in the sun during the day to warm the water. This means that if you take a shower in the morning, it is FREEZING! I learned this the hard way.

For this trip, we started in St. Maarten where we spent the night before and after each overnight visit to both Saba and Nevis.

It was much bigger than Saba (5 square miles) or Nevis (15 square miles), with "normal" resaurants, movie theatres, etc.

This is a picture of the Burger King that we ate at several times.

We flew over (and briefly landed on) St. Kitts on the way to Nevis. While doing so, I took this picture.

I didn't realize until over six months after we left Nevis (we lived on Nevis for about 8 months), that we had this picture.

This is a picture of the big historic fort that we toured on one of our last trips to St. Kitts shortly before moving back to the US. It was a very interesting trip--check out close-up pictures of the fort in Our Tour Of St. Kitts.

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