Trip to Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown (September, 2003)

We went to Virginia the week before we were to meet the Dulins in North Carolina, to visit Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown with some friends.

The vacation was a homeschool heaven. Not only was it incredibly educational, it was a lot of fun.

Most of our pictures are of Jamestown, which was a re-creation of the first successful settlement in the "New World."

Here are the boys manning the cannon.

Toby and Caleb trying on some of the armor.

Benji and Ezra's turn.

Us. Cannon. 'Nuff said.

Also at Jamestown. Here were some exact replicas of the boats that made the original trip.

In the belly of the boat.

Primitive bowling.

In Williamsburg, this was a drama presentation where children from the audience were called on stage to help. Caleb and Ezra had the guts to go up.

Benji and Ezra after misbehaving.

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