Miscellaneous (June - September, 2003)

July, 2003

Here is Fluffy at Caleb's 8th birthday party--notice the Hulk birthday hat.

July, 2003

Here is one of the few pictures that we have from this Disney World trip. I was working for Cactus at CBA in Orlando, and Sheryl and the boys were going for just one day.

It became a much shorter day at Disney World when Benji slipped and banged his head while getting out of the car. Blood was everywhere, even soaking a diaper and forming puddles on the ground. Sheryl had to rush off to the emergency room with him.

In this picture, you can't see it, but Benji has staples in his head.

August, 2003

Here is a picture of a church campout I went to with Toby and Caleb while Sheryl was out of town (Ezra and Benji stayed with Grandma and Grandad).

Our tent became a popular one with many of the children for gathering and playing games.

August, 2003

Here is our tent at the campout. It is a 3-bedroom tent that replaced a 2-bedroom one that was torn open by a racoon when one of thy boys accidentally left some food inside.

September, 2003

We don't have many pictures of this vacation to North Carolina. It was a 12-person multi-family vacation with the Dulins. We rented a house on the beach and this is the walkway that connected the house to the beach.

This is also the walkway that Sheryl broke her knee on. She had successful knee surgery earlier this year. Then, when we were walking down toward the beach one evening, she missed a step and snapped her ligament again. She was in a wheel chair for the rest of the trip.

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