(September, 2009)

We started this game the day after Sheryl left town for a week to attend an autism training seminar for Providence. We played it on an off for about a month before finishing it.

The Story

In the year 2210 the world is poised on the inevitable brink of world war. As tensions mount and troops build up on key borders, some madman is the first one to push a button and the world retaliates. Entire armies and countries are decimated by the subsequent nuclear fallout. This is expected. What the world does not expect is the subatomic tears in the space-time-dimensional continuum. Gigantic rifts are formed that engulf even more armies and regions. The death toll is catastrophic, but after the first destructive shockwaves finally come to an end, the world finds that bridge-like rifts have resulted linking them to new worlds and dimensions. Alliances are quickly made with the newly discovered nations and the war to dominate our globe becomes a war to dominate FIVE worlds in the first-ever transdimensional "world" war.

The Game

This game is created by setting up 5 Risk games: Risk 2210, Risk (regular), Castle Risk, Star Wars Risk, and Lord of the Rings Risk, as described below, though you could use these guidelines to link other numbers or types of Risk games as well.

Set Up

Game Play


5 Risk Boards

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