Caribbean Cruise (December, 2007)

For a combined Christmas present, most of the family went on a Carnival cruise while Providence and SharenRose stayed with Grandma and Granddad.

This picture shows the view from the top of the mountain outside our port in Saint Thomas. Below (left) is Toby on the deck of our ship. Behind him you can see the skytram track which we rode to the top of the mountain.

Toby and the skytram track at St. Thomas
Toby scuba diving at St. Maarten.
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One of the most memorable parts of the cruise was all the food: Food in the morning, food in the afternoon, food in the evening, food at midnight, and food all the times in-between. These are pictures of the Grand Gala Midnight Buffet one of the evenings.

One of our stops was San Juan. It was an evening visit on Christmas day, so everything was closed. We stepped off the boat just long enough to take a few pictures and put a dot on the Lentine Map to show that we had been there.
Snorkeling Shipwreck Cove with Benji and Ezra.
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Sheryl trying to decide which of the portrait pictures we wanted to keep.
One of the ones we kept.
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The boys on deck outside Miami, while waiting to disembark

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