Snorkeling in St. Maarten (December, 2007)

After my scuba charter with Toby and Caleb, I got back to the ship before Sheryl left for snorkeling with Benji and Ezra. Since she's not a real fan of snorkeling, I got to go snorkeling also. Here we are on the snorkeling boat.

Here are Benji and Ezra snorkeling outside the boat.
As you can see, it got quite crowded in the water.


We were diving in a spot called "Shipwreck Cove" and, true to its name, we saw many wrecks (and fragments of wrecks). This is the first wreck we saw. On the left is what the first wreck looked like from the surface. On the right is what it looked like up close--I let all the air out of my life vest, and swam down about 25 feet to take some close-up pictures.

Here is another one of the wrecks--I swam down about 20 feet to look inside and found all these fish.
Part of yet another wreck

We saw many sea urchins. Ezra coutned over 500.
A typical view

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