Miscellaneous (June & July, 2007)

Sheryl surprised me with customized matching shirts (I also have one) that say "Lentine University"
Providence and SharenRose


This was Providence and SharenRose's 1st time on a swing.

The babies in their Fourth of July outfits

OK, there's a story behind this one. Due to scheduling, we had Sheryl's birthday part a week late. I had bought her 4 presents and told her that she could pick any one to open on her birthday, but had to wait until the party to open the rest. The catch was that I needed her to pick the present that had the movie Oklahoma in it, because we wanted to watch it before we saw the play with the boys. Not a problem. I simply put the movie in the gift bag that I was sure she would pick. She did. Of course, that bothered her at some level. She (jokingly) said their was no way I could know that and that there must be Oklahomas in every bag. So at her party, I put 3 notes that each read "I knew you would pick this one next" in all three remaining presents (above). It looked pretty impressive when she picked the first present, but lost its effect when she picked the next 2 and found the same note!

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