(November 17-19, 2003)

Lazarus was born November 17th, 2003. He was our miracle baby who changed our lives forever.

He was born in an emergency C-section after Sheryl developed a severe idiopathic abdominal infection. He was only 24 weeks along (16 weeks early), weighing 1 pound, 7 ounces.

While he fought for his life in the NICU, Sheryl was fighting for hers in intensive care. We almost lost them both. Instead, Sheryl won her fight, and we lost our fifth baby boy, who died in our arms on November 19, 2003.



These pictures are of the long goodbye when we found out that Lazarus was dying. It was an agonizing hour when all we could do was hold him for the first time, and wish him farewell.

Lazarus' story is more complicated than I'll try to explain in these captions. For more about why we call him our "miracle baby," see REMEMBERING LAZARUS.

Our families were very supportive during this time.

We had a small memorial service at the hospital. In this picture, we see Kevin who spoke and Jason who sang a special. You can also see my dad (and almost Sally next to him) who had driven all the way to be with us.

Everyone offered great support and encouragement through it all. It is times like these when you realize how good it is to have a family that cares and is there for you.

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