Two Dives At Hanauma Bay (October, 2006)

In my opinion, no visit to Oahu would be complete without a trip to Hanauma Bay. We dove at Hanauma Bay twice this trip (dives #1 and #4).

This picture is looking down on Hanauma Bay. Even taking the tram down, it is a long treck there and back, with full scuba gear!

Our plan was to swim beyond the reef to deeper water, but it didn't work out. Trade winds had kicked up, and ruined visibility on the east side of Oahu for this entire trip. Visibility was about three feet! In this picture, you can see how foggy it was. Once we got past the reef, what we found was that we could barely see where we were going, all the while being pounded into sharp rocks by the waves.

We gave up on getting beyond the reef, and dove in the shallows instead. This was supposed to be Caleb's first real dive after being certified, but in truth it was more like glorified snorkeling. Our maximum depth was 8 feet.

Below are many pictues we took during this dive. As you can see, the visibility was much better inside the reef (even though it has been better on previous trips).






Granddad dove with us on our last dive of the trip. Unfortunately, my camera fogged up shortly after we arrived, so we got almost no usable pictures. This picture shows Granddad in his scuba gear, just entering the water, and you can already see how foggy the camera was.

The picture at the top of this page was actually taken on that last day, and was one of only a few pictures that turned out before the camera got too foggy.

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