Charter Dive In Hawaii (October, 2006)

While in Hawaii, Toby, Caleb, and I got to go on a charter dive. All of the other 2-dive charters that I have done were a deep wreck dive followed by a shallower reef dive. Fore this charter, we did 2 shallow reef dives, since Caleb was still a beginner.

I took videos of the first dive and pictures of the second.

Here we are next to the boat we went out on.

At the bottom of the second dive, we were mobbed by fish. We all took down crackers with us, and when we opened them up it got even more crazy.

We were cautioned that if we saw any of these fish lunging for the crackers, that we needed to drop them, or they might take a bite out of our fingers. Notice the big fish biting Toby's finger in the above picture? He didn't drop the crackers quick enough, so the fish got him. Luckily, it didn't draw blood. Toby said it felt like being bit by a chicken.

Toby holding a starfish.

Caleb holding a shrimp.

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