Caleb & Granddad Scuba Certification
(September & October, 2006)

Here is Arlin with Monte (Caleb and his scuba instructor), getting ready to start the final open water dives. Interestingly, this Monte is not the same Monte who was Toby's scuba intructor (what are the odds?).

Me (I don't get too many pictures of me, since I'm usually the one behind the camera--I think Caleb took this picture).

While Caleb and Arlin worked on their training, Toby and I swam down to the dam. Writing things in the algae on the dam with your fingers is a popular thing for divers to do.

At 17 feet, I carved "I love Sheryl" on the dam with my dive knife.

Whenever you dive in Table Rock Lake, you always see lots of these fish.

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