Watching SharenRose Grow Up
Away From Home
(January - July, 2005)

The original doctor's visit picture of Sharen Rose
that we were sent on Feb 1, 2006

Sheryl (and G'ma) flew down to see Sharen Rose
when she was only 2 weeks old (Feb 9)

Feb 18, from FTC

All of us visited Sharen Rose March 9th - 12th

March 23, first surprise visit

April 3, 2006, second doctor visit

April 20, second surprise visit

May 4, third doctor visit

Sharen Rose's grandparents and great grandparents
flew down to see her on May 25

July 3, fourth doctor visit

July 4, from FTC

July 18, third surprise visit

Our final trip to bring her home.

Aside from 4 visits to see her, we relied on pictures and updates from For This Child (FTC). They were very good about keeping us informed about Sharen Rose, but it was difficult to hear that she was doing new things, like lifting her head and reaching for objects, without being there to share it with her. Sharen Rose was just about 6 months old when she came home.

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