Card #6 (gift 4 of 9)

Front & Back:


When we pulled up to the curb at the airport Sheryl found this card on the hidden luggage in the back of the car along with two plane tickets to Houston, Texas.

I had put a professional trip in our calendar to Lincoln, Nebraska with Unger and Associates (the local CPA firm I do business with) for the following Monday and Tuesday, with a follow-up presentation on Thursday, to keep Sheryl from planning a trip to Branson during her school break. This also had the effect of causing Sheryl to think that this trip could not be any longer than two days.

At this point Sheryl believed that we were travelling out of town on an overnight trip to see a show. She guessed that it was to see either Wicked or Les Mis. It was not until card #7 that we finally get past all the distractors and she found out what the real surprise was.

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