What do you do when you want to celebrate a special day but don't want to wait for one to happen? Simple. Just make up your own. Or in this case just blend them all together!

I created BirthAnniValeJustBecauseOweenMas as my personal twist on "just because" gifts and cards for Sheryl. I've used it many times but never like the "just because" gift during the break after her first semester of nursing school.

I had been saving up for over two years and had hoped to have enough for this gift by the fall of 2014 but Sheryl's psycho cycle of nursing semesters left me with only one break that would work so I had to rush to do it in June instead.

The biggest part of this present is that it was all a surprise right up until the very end. Even as we pulled up to the airport she had no idea that we were going anywhere or that she had almost a week's worth of luggage in the back of the car.

I made 11 different cards for a total of 9 gifts, each with a riddle that pointed to what came next. I love riddles and wanted to share these so the next 11 pages will contain those cards. I liked the riddles on cards #8 and #10 the best and reworked them to be non-specific to Sheryl's surprise trip and included them on my Riddles Page, but you can see all the original riddles here. After you read each one please feel free let me know what you think.

You can either use the following menu, or scroll through them using the arrows at the bottom of each page.

  • Card #1 (gift 1 of 9)
  • Card #2 (gift 1 of 9)
  • Card #3 (gift 2 of 9)
  • Card #4 (gift 3 of 9)
  • Card #5 (gift 4 of 9)
  • Card #6 (gift 4 of 9)
  • Card #7 (gift 5 of 9)
  • Card #8 (gift 6 of 9)
  • Card #9 (gift 7 of 9)
  • Card #10 (gift 8 of 9)
  • Card #11 (gift 9 of 9)
  • Unused (original riddle written for gift #9 before it was changed)
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